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RHplus : Two  Versatile Artists .

She is Judith Holstein, both architect and painter, born in Lugano, Switzerland in 1979, studied  figurative arts and  graduated in architecture. Since 2007 she has been planning and constructing prefabricated  houses in Ticino.  At the same time she  has been  very active  painting  which is her real   passion.  She is always looking for new creative ideas for new emotions expressing “ The truth of the soul”  through  the eyes.

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s` POP ART, her paintings develop  sensibility and irony. She is interested also in landscape and is  user of advanced IT applications up to Archviz  solutions.


He is Gianni Rodenhaeuser, born 1949 in Zurich, Switzerland,-. He worked as  professional physiotherapist. Later he  detected  his passion for art, first as painter, inspired by Salvador  Dali, Gustave Moreaux and Gustave Doré and finally in  figurative art. His creativity  is supported  by  advanced  digital  technologies  which allow to   produce  objects full of fantasy and emotions using  3d printing technologies  .


The two artists unite their knowledge  and experience  in RHPLUS  a venture  located in Bissone, Ticino, Switzerland.  and offer artistic projects, sculptures and statues,  to be placed  highly frequented  public areas such as  parks, gardens, places, roundabouts,  private, commercial, cultural and public buildings. Judith cares about the architectural aspects of the projects, how to  make the sculptures emerge and  integrate  in their  environment.  Gianni creates the sculptures and statues, both in traditional and digital way. Their technical and IT skills allow them to work worldwide.

Traditional and digital sculpture teachers at the SOMS association (art workshop) at Viggiu' in the province of Varese.
Every Friday evening from 8.30pm to 10.30pm from October to June.

Judith Holstein


2022 " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company Como- I

2022 " international art fair  INNSBRUCK " Van Gogh Art Gallery - A

2022 " International contemporary art fair PARIS" Van Gogh art gallery - F

2022 "the group exhibition at the gallery in Madrid via ARTSY // Van Gogh Art Gallery"- E

2022 " International contemporary art fair MILAN" Van Gogh art gallery - I

2021 " International contemporary art fair MARBELLA" Van Gogh art gallery - E

2021 : Contemporary Venice 2020 ITSLIQUID International Art Fair - Venezia -I

2019 " Mostra benefica " The Dreamers Association" Locarno -CH

2018 "Città del Gusto 2018 " Lugano -CH 

2018 "Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d'Arte 2018 "Lugano -CH

2018 "Centro Medico " Chiasso -CH 

2017:  "Galleria Arteincorso" Chiasso -CH 

2016:  “ OpenArt 2016” Roveredo –CH

2012:  “Atelier Hair Stylist”   Cernobbio – I

2011: “ orientamenti figurativi” Galleria Sartori– Mantova – I

2011: “ miniquadro e della miniscultura 2011” Galleria Alba- Ferrara –I

2010/11: “Premio Arte X 2010” Hotel Vedute - Fucecchio - FI-I

2010: “ €$£?”galleria Jelmoni Studio Gallery - Piacenza –I

2009: „la bicicletta“Fondazione Rotary Club Mendrisiotto– Mendrisio -CH

2009:mostra collettiva ,“Visonen“ 10. KunstKreuz - Berlino-D

2008:Kunstausstellung Saint Nom-la Bretèche -Parigi-F

2008: “ die Freiheit, die ich meine” 9 Kunstkreuz -Berlino-D

2007: "Bertuzzi architettura d'interni - Tessuti "Milano –I

2007: “Ricerca vini”- Milano-I

2007:"Circolo culturale Bertolt Brecht "- Milano-I

2006: “ 4 giovani artisti”Fondazione Gianni e Roberto Radice- Milano-I

2006: “nuove Proposte” associazione culturale Renzo Cortina - Milano- I

2005: " DB Living " Milano –I

2005: bar Mövempick -Chiasso- CH

2004: " Galleria L'Estense Arte " Cernobbio –I

2003:  palazzo municipale del comune di Cernobbio- CO- I

Gianni Rodenhäuser



2022 " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company Como- I

2021 : Contemporary Venice 2020 ITSLIQUID International Art Fair- Venezia - I

2019 Orangerie im Englischen Garten München - D

2019 Teleticino programma Tg talk " Artigiani e Artisti" 

2019 rete radiotelevisiva RSI "La manualità al tempo della rarefazione"

2018 "Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d'Arte 2018 "Lugano -CH

2018: ART Karlsruhe -  D

2017: " Five Gallery " Lugano - CH ( giornata porte aperte delle gallerie di Lugano)

2017:  "Galleria Arteincorso" Chiasso -CH 

2015:  “ OpenArt 2015” Roveredo –CH

2014: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2014:“ OpenArt 2014” Roveredo –CH

2013:“ OpenArt 2013” Roveredo –CH

2012: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2012:  “ OpenArt 2012” Roveredo –CH

2011: “ OpenArt 2011” Roveredo –CH

2010: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2010: “ OpenArt 2010” Roveredo –CH

2009: „la bicicletta“Fondazione Rotary Club Mendrisiotto– Mendrisio -CH

2009“ OpenArt 2009” Roveredo –CH

2008: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2008: “ OpenArt 2008” Roveredo –CH

2007:“ OpenArt 2007” Roveredo –CH

2006: “ OpenArt 2006” Roveredo –CH

2005: “ OpenArt 2005” Roveredo –CH

2000: " fuoco" UBS- Lugano -CH

1996: " Gallery Schönberg- Zürich -CH