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Judith is a talented painter with a unique and passionate style. She focuses on portraying powerful and emotional female subjects, capturing the intensity of their gazes in a way that compels the viewer to connect with their innermost thoughts and emotions. The use of large format enhances the impact of his creations, making them even more surprising and intense. That is why it is necessary to immerse you personally in her works and be carried away by the power of his lively expressiveness.



In the sculptures on display, Gianni explores the concept of emptiness and its relationship to the forms found in nature and living things.

Her works radiate their own vitality and inherent sensuality.

They are perceptual.

The tiny and highly detailed nature of the sculptures is the result of a long journey of studies and realizations, both manual and in 3D modeling.


   Architect and painter Judith Holstein and sculptor Gianni Rodenhäuser meet at an art gallery in Chiasso, Switzerland. It was a fortunate circumstance, where one wanted to pick up his paintings at the end of the exhibition, while the other brought his sculptures with him to be set up for the next solo exhibition.

It will be a public competition for the creation of an urban work of art to unite the intentions of the two artists, whose efforts will be crowned in their first joint creation, a sculpture/fountain called "Life" visible in the middle of the roundabout at the highway entrance Mendrisio Sud, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

By combining their skills and competences, Judith and Gianni stimulate each other's exploration of new territories and artistic expressions.

In this research, in the production of subsequent works, they use the diverse possibilities offered by the use of digital technologies with foresight. Computer modeling, carried out with the mouse, the magic digital pen, the graphics tablet, the screen and the associated software, is now able to replace the sculptural or painterly studio with all its tools.

Although this seem like a relief at first glance, it must be remembered that when embarking on a new project in this field, in addition to familiarity with the medium, it is still necessary to take into account the plan of the space allocated and the local ones Special features, the requirements for physical, static, safety, legal, political and economic aspects beyond aesthetic ideas and ideals.

The vision, perception and meaning of art are constantly changing, hand in hand with the emergence of new technologies that are the origin of surprising forms of expression.


Faithful to a message aimed at social inclusion, urban renewal and sustainability, the work of Judith and Gianni wants to express a continuity of universal human values.

Today more necessary than ever, scene of fake news, ubiquitous individual and group violence, the annihilation of defenseless populations and especially the cruel abuse of women.

From the depths we bow in gratitude to all art, expression of a treasure to be preserved, nurtured and shared.

Judith Holstein


Gianni Rodenhäuser



2023: collective exhibition " YOUNIQUE" Fine craft art & design" Lugano - CH

2023: collective exhibition "IN HER IMAGE " SOMS - Viggiu' - Varese - Italy

2023:  " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company  Milan- I

2022 : " CONNNECTIONS"the group exhibition at the gallery in Madrid  Van Gogh Art Gallery"- E

2022: " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company Como- I

2022: " international art fair  INNSBRUCK " Van Gogh Art Gallery - A

2022: " International contemporary art fair PARIS" Van Gogh art gallery - F

2022: "the group exhibition at the gallery in Madrid via ARTSY // Van Gogh Art Gallery"- E

2022: " International contemporary art fair MILAN" Van Gogh art gallery - I

2021: " International contemporary art fair MARBELLA" Van Gogh art gallery - E

2021: " Contemporary Venice 2020 ITSLIQUID International Art Fair - Venezia -I

2019: " Mostra benefica " The Dreamers Association" Locarno -CH

2018: "Città del Gusto 2018 " Lugano -CH 

2018: "Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d'Arte 2018 "Lugano -CH

2018: "Centro Medico " Chiasso -CH 

2017:  "Galleria Arteincorso" Chiasso -CH 

2016:  “ OpenArt 2016” Roveredo –CH

2012:  “Atelier Hair Stylist”   Cernobbio – I

2011: “ orientamenti figurativi” Galleria Sartori– Mantova – I

2011: “ miniquadro e della miniscultura 2011” Galleria Alba- Ferrara –I

2010/11: “Premio Arte X 2010” Hotel Vedute - Fucecchio - FI-I

2010: “ €$£?”galleria Jelmoni Studio Gallery - Piacenza –I

2009: „la bicicletta“Fondazione Rotary Club Mendrisiotto– Mendrisio -CH

2009: mostra collettiva ,“Visonen“ 10. KunstKreuz - Berlino-D

2008: 1 premio " MurriPublicArt" Bologna - I

2008: Kunstausstellung Saint Nom-la Bretèche -Parigi-F

2008: “ die Freiheit, die ich meine” 9 Kunstkreuz -Berlino-D

2007: "Bertuzzi architettura d'interni - Tessuti "Milano –I

2007: “Ricerca vini”- Milano-I

2007:"Circolo culturale Bertolt Brecht "- Milano-I

2006: “ 4 giovani artisti”Fondazione Gianni e Roberto Radice- Milano-I

2006: “nuove Proposte” associazione culturale Renzo Cortina - Milano- I

2005: " DB Living " Milano –I

2005: bar Mövempick -Chiasso- CH

2004: " Galleria L'Estense Arte " Cernobbio –I

2003:  palazzo municipale del comune di Cernobbio- CO- I


2023: collective exhibition " YOUNIQUE" Fine craft art & design" Lugano - CH

2023: collective exhibition "IN HER IMAGE " SOMS - Viggiu' - Varese - Italy

2023  " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company  Milan- I

2022 " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company Como- I

2019 Orangerie im Englischen Garten München - D

2019 Teleticino programma Tg talk " Artigiani e Artisti" 

2019 rete radiotelevisiva RSI "La manualità al tempo della rarefazione"

2018 "Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d'Arte 2018 "Lugano -CH

2018: ART Karlsruhe -  D

2017: " Five Gallery " Lugano - CH ( giornata porte aperte delle gallerie di Lugano)

2017:  "Galleria Arteincorso" Chiasso -CH 

2015:  “ OpenArt 2015” Roveredo –CH

2014: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2014:“ OpenArt 2014” Roveredo –CH

2013:“ OpenArt 2013” Roveredo –CH

2012: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2012:  “ OpenArt 2012” Roveredo –CH

2011: “ OpenArt 2011” Roveredo –CH

2010: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2010: “ OpenArt 2010” Roveredo –CH

2009: „la bicicletta“Fondazione Rotary Club Mendrisiotto– Mendrisio -CH

2009“ OpenArt 2009” Roveredo –CH

2008: MEARTE- Mendrisio

2008: “ OpenArt 2008” Roveredo –CH

2007:“ OpenArt 2007” Roveredo –CH

2006: “ OpenArt 2006” Roveredo –CH

2005: “ OpenArt 2005” Roveredo –CH

2000: " fuoco" UBS- Lugano -CH

1996: " Gallery Schönberg- Zürich -CH

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